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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Have Fun, Be Smart

I reviewed a club called On Anon on my blog. I gave it a good review. However, one of my friends who recently went to the club got her drink spiked.

I telephoned the club today to inform them of the incident and they are dealing with the matter. I am still waiting to hear back from the management.

There are many ways that your drink can be spiked including by alcohol- if you order a non-alcohlic drink. Depressants and drugs are also used. To find out more about the effects of having your drink spiked visit NHS direct.

Precautions can be taken to avoid getting spiked: never accept drinks from strangers/aquaintances and never leave your drink unattended. You can purchase test strips that will indicate if your drink has been spiked.

If an incident occurs i.e. rape or any situation you have not consented to and you believe your drink has been spiked, report it immeadiately to the police. If an incident does not occur, you should still report it to the club and aware them that there is a problem. You do not have to leave your name or contact details, though I suggest you do so that they can update you on what measures are being taken to tackle the problem.

Lazy Pod

If you were excited by the space writer gadget then the latest clubbing gizmo will turn you on!

Escape Pods are the latest feature in the Ministry of Sound's VIP room. They're touch screen computer sytems that let you order drinks, play games, book cabs and send messages to people sat at other Escape Pod tables.

Can life get any easier? Maybe next time they should consider robotic cloakroom attendants that guard your coats throughout the night, saving you from doing the walk of shame home in a electronic pink sheep coat after your blazer got placed on the wrong hanger. Am I talking from experience? I will let you decide.

I think the Escape Pods are a brilliant idea, however, it doesn't solve any problems! Just makes it easier to get drunk and flirt! Which is definitely a bonus, but really come on, somebody has to sort out those cloakrooms (aka black holes) and their queues. If only clubs could take a note out of Clarks (the shoe shop) pad, where your ticket number flashes up on screen when its your turn to get your foot groped. Obviously this idea is very impossible because everyone tends to leave at the same time, but if sheeps can be cloned, queues can be erased! Any ideas?

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Le Tigres tres formidable

Le Tigres Official website is well constructed and interesting to view from an Art perspective. It has a retro pop theme that is designed to match the band's feminist, punk, electronic music.

The icons in the navigation bar are all uniquely designed with an air of Andy Warhol's madness.

There isn't a link back to the home page once you have entered the site, but the original page that has their contact details, press section, upcoming gig dates etc, remains up. So there's no need to panic! It's actually easier to navigate about the site without the home link because you are able to keep numerous windows open.

The band's website covers their music, personal information about themselves and video footage. They use their music and website as a platform to raise their political concerns. The links are useful and plentiful for both music and their viewpoints.

I also like the design for its simplicity it's easy to navigate your way round the different links and I don't end up sitting in the library cursing at the screen.

The web page design echoes their album design covers. It's very 60's/70's and in your face (like the band).

I think some of the best band websites are those that reflect the band and their music. The Streets website is another example of this.

The website is set on a street (The streets-genius). The Einstein who came up with the street design allows you to drive along in a car to the different links you want to look at.

Sarcasm aside it really is a fun website to navigate around. It’s even funkier because you can hover the mouse over various objects that either move or make a noise! If you go in the shed and hold the mouse over the toilet it flushes! Nice!

I just have to add; How great is the Streets new song: 'When you wasn't famous'?! The lyrics are wicked: 'so when you try to pull a girl who is also famous to, It feels just like when you wasn't famous!' Superb!


Scott Matthews will be in session on Mark Radcliffe's BBC Radio 2 show this evening between 22.30- 00.00.

BBC Radio 2 88-9 FM

Options for the end of the night after the clubs have shut..

A new craze is taking over student halls: GAME SHOW TV.

Quizmania is the latest of trends to leap into student's academic diaries. The programme has recently moved over to ITV2 to make way for the new game show: The Mint, on ITV.

Quizmania and The Mint are 60p a phone call from your standard BT line....need I say more. Yes, they are dial-in quiz shows with the most random and obscure top answers, (It's not a con at all).

Quizmania is the more obscure of the two. It has an array of presenters (that range from looking like a Barbie to a Thunderbird). These peculiar creatures that come out in the early hours of the morning definitely don't have autocue, but their random banter is addictive.

In one of their shows the question to phone in for was: 'Hair _______'. (You have to replace the gap i.e. hair dryer, hair net). The top answer was 'hair pencil'. Hair pencil?!

The Mint on the other hand is set in a swanky mansion with more valid answers. As well as quizzes and Treasure Island maps, the Mint contains a vault of approx £100,000 that increases as the show continues. To win the contents you have to guess the correct 4 digit pin code that will open the door to thousands of muller. It sounds so easy, but I think even Derren Brown would struggle with this combination.

I do tend to feel quite guilty after staying up till the early hours of the morning watching T.V. However, an article in the Guardian by Germaine Greer reassured me that watching television is productive. She believes students can learn more outside the lecture theatres arguing with their fellow students about matters of irrelevance such as; television shows.

It's a hard life being a student, and Germain Greer's just made it harder. So many T.V shows to choose from, so little time. For further gameshow discussion check out the student forum. And after debating with fellow Game show junkies, see if it has made u 'cleverer' by checking out your I.Q (It's advisable to do a before and after. You will really notice the difference).

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

You can't deny the Swedes a sauna- The Shisha ban

I am currently working on an assessment feature regarding the smoking ban. I am looking at the affect the proposed smoking ban will have on the booming Shisha culture that's being followed by many youngsters as an alternative night out on the town.

Shisha is a mixture of tobacco and treacle, honey or sugar, and distilled water with fruit flavors. The shisha is smoked through the mouth piece of the hookah once it has travelled through the base of the device. The base is partially filled with water that filters tar and nicotine from the tobacco smoke. Though it filters out the majority of toxins, research suggests that it still has harmful effects.

The 'Huka' originated in India where the original models were crafted from coconut shells. Its popularity spread to Iran and across the Arab world. When the hookah reached Turkey they named it 'Nargile". Since then a multi-cultural Britain has adopted the Shisha tradition along the streets of Edgware Road.

My point: I think Shisha cafes should be exempt from the smoking ban. I agree with the ban on pubs and clubs, because passive smoking is inflicted upon the non-smokers. But why would a non-smoker go to a Shisha cafe? You could argue that employees working there are exposed to smoke...but they would have known that when they sent their CV off to a SHISHA CAFE!

I am defending Shisha cafes because the gathering of friends to smoke shisha is historical. It is an old tradition dating back to nearly a millenium ago. Friends would gather around a hookah as part of a social event with sweet teas and coffees.

It also offers an alternative to hitting the club scene getting wankered and passing out on the dance floor. Shisha houses are civilised and a great way to socialise with your friends face to face rather than via MSN or chat rooms OR BLOGS for that matter!

The smoking ban, the facts:

2006 ban on smoking in NHS and government buildings

2007 ban on smoking in enclosed public places and as of February 2006 a proposed smoking ban in all pubs and private members clubs in England to take affect in Summer 2007.

2008 ban on smoking in licensed premises introduced.

What do you think? Should Shisha cafes be exempt from smoking ban?

Or is a complete ban the best way forward?

Should Shisa Cafes be exempt from the smoking ban?
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Monday, April 10, 2006

What do you think?

Is there any hope for Daz Sampson at the 2006 Eurovision song contest?
Sampson to win
Sampson to embarrass us all
Sampson to score with Treble (the 3 blonde Dutch girls)
Sampson to get in the top 10
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The Wise One

So I was having a chat with the wise one last night (my mum). We were talking about the tabooboo sex toy vending machine. The conversation went something like this...........

"Mum what's for dinner"
"I read your blog"
"Right, are we having a roast?"
"Do people really buy sex toys in clubs?"
"Yes, can we have cauliflower cheese?"
"In my day........................"

The wise one, for once, made some extremely valid points. She's not your 1960's stereotypical housewife who wears a floral print apron and Vera Duckworth hair rollers. She is open-minded to new things which was forced upon her by having 3 daughters. In the past all three of us have sprung many suprises on her from piercings to uncomfortable sexual confronatations (No explanation required use your imagination, it's more interesting!).

'In her day' they went out to a club for the music not the flirting and 'shenanigans' that go on today. She didn't worry about getting her drink spiked and never considered one night stands because sex was not as in your face as it is today (In her opinion).

Sex, Drugs and Rock n roll........a modern day translation; sex, sex and sex! The music has been taken over by horny acne-faced teens who turn 16 and get their license to spill!

Any one listened to the 'Racey Lacey' Girls Aloud lyrics? "A PHD with her legs apart"
Sexual brainwashing! And also very catchy!

All these 'Shenanigans' are summed up in our British Eurovision song contest entry; Daz Samspon. Girls in school uniform prancing about a middle aged man. What are the chances of winning? Well if the rest of Europe are as racey as us Brits the odds are in our favour!

Save Scott Matthews from Blunteritis

"How are you liking this evening?"
"Suck my cock"
"Ahh, that’s so NME".

Or is it? Simon Pegg and Nick Frost’s banter at the latest NME awards presented by a tramp like Russel Brand would suggest that the rebellious indie disco scene was still underground and well, rebellious. However, the likes of Franz Ferdinand, Kaiser Chiefs and Snow Patrol for example, have gone a long way in commercializing the wearing of Lucky No 7 t-shirts, ‘guyliner’ and stupid hats.

Commercial music for the masses is inevitably a two and a half minute smorgasbord of poncy riff’s and uninspired beats capped by some twat from I-don’t-care-where singing about how he’s ‘had a bad day’, or even worse how ‘beautiful’ I am. He’s clearly correct about the latter, but could it be that ‘bands’ who struggled through smokey gigs in Camden are now signing massive record deals equivalent to those of Legends of Wank Music (e.g. Mr Powter) and have lost the plot? Could their own success be their ultimate downfall? Or am I trying too hard to relate faddish music to Shakespeare? Who knows. But what I do know is that back in those smokey basements and pubs in London’s NW1 and all around the country, bands and artists are emerging with music to make you wet your pants. In a good way.

Last week in Camden’s Green-Note café surrounded by vegan hippies wearing tie die t-shirts and sandals, it became plainly evident that fashion, and incidentally music, is indeed cyclical. The dulcet tones of Scott Matthews flowed through the crowd like some kind of music equivalent to an Airwaves chewing gum – flushing out the snot of James Blunt and Keane to be replaced by the clarity of f***ing good music. Reminiscent of the legendary Nick Drake mixed with some bongos on a couple of tracks, it is clear this bloke is going to be a bit of a legend himself. Although the first single ‘Elusive’ from his album ‘Passing Stranger’ (available from his website) is on BBC 6 and XFM’s play lists, I can only hope his success is for his obvious talent as opposed to mass appeal and ability to sell records.

If not Matthews’ future projects may add to the mounting pile of fodder that dominates the charts and award ceremonies – indie or mainstream. Or both. Did anyone notice the Sugarbabes’ appalling Artic Monkeys cover at the aforementioned NME awards? Speaking of which, before long NME magazine may be selling to the same market as Smash Hits magazine filled with stories of Pete Doherty in Sherbert Double Dip fuelled rampages in lieu of Colombia’s finest. At least it would appeal to his new target audience.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Fellow bloggers

Want to know how to make money out of blogging about clubbing? David Hinchliffe an operations manager in the UK sets out how to go about making your clubbing blog a success. His blog reveals inside tips for promoters, clubbers and dance music labels.

If it's not the tips your after and you just want to check out the latest news in clubland's music. Check out Dennis Romero's blog. He's an LA music critic with an ear for up and coming tracks.

Biobouncer in the US

Check out this blog by Josh Rhett Miller for further information about Biobouncer. Pay special attention to the comments section, where a rattled Jeff Dussich defends his creation following response to Miller's blog that the system's doomed to fail.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

A new toy for the boys

There is a new gadget in the clubbing world...the Spacewriter. It allows you to write words on an LED screen and as you wave it into the air the word appears..nice!

These fun little gadgets are just £20. Next time you loose your voice from the night before you need not worry about ordering a drink, just write it on your LED screen.

Spacewriter can also be the ultimate flirting tool, if your not drunk enough to say 'fancy a....' to someone's face, write it on the screen.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Blow the speakers and the ear drums!

Ok so I'm still blogging away. As you may realise from my 'who needs sleep? Take a nap' blog I'm a bit of an insomniac who tends to fall asleep at precisely the wrong times.

Anyway, have u ever had that tingling in your ears when you get in from a club and your heads spinning? You try to sleep but all you can hear is this constant bbbbbeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee? It's called Tinnitus and it's bloody annoying.

It's as monotone as Daria's voice, it never changes pitch just an ongoing beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee and it doesn't stop for breath, and for that reason alone I would rather have Daria in my ear after a night out. Ok so I'm slightly straying from my point.... I’m tired. My point is I was worried that I may be destroying my poor little ears that was until I stumbled across an article in the New Scientist that is pro loud noise in ears!

So before I reveal this dated information, I'm going to crank up Bloc Party so I can't hear Daria.

That's better.

Ok so according to Gerald Fleischer's team at the University of Giessen, Germany the ear needs a noise workout to keep in shape. The team spent over a decade testing 10,000 peoples hearing from around the globe and they found city dwellers had better hearing than people from quiet villages!

Ok, ok so its not exactly saying put your ear next to the speaker and I think it's obvious that loud noise and ringing can cause permanent damage to your ears, but hey it was a silver lining!

A helping hand

So I stumbled across this article in Clash magazine and thought it may help fellow creative students to get their work noticed. It's called NOISE Multi-Media festival. It's for us youngsters under 25 who are interested in working in:





Graphic Design




NOISE gives you the chance to display your work and the best of the best get the chance to appear on television, radio, online and in print throughout October 2006.
Get your application at NOISE. Applications will be accepted from March till May.


I went to On Anon in Piccadilly Circus on Saturday. It's a maze of bars and dance floors all uniquely decorated and all available for hire. My mates and me hired out The Lodge, which is at the top of the clubbers castle.

Our hire room was seriously funked up; it was like walking into a Texas ranch. It had leather red sofas, moose heads on the walls and a bar just for us! I felt like a cowgirl! But the titanic styled porthole windows reminded me I was in the heart of Piccadilly Circus. The views were ace, double decker buses galore!

The drinks were reasonably priced. Happy Hour is from 5-7.30pm and you can purchase a bottle of wine for a mere £8.95! Shocking! After 7.30pm it creeps up to £12.95 a bottle, which isn't that bad.

I explored the rest of the venue to find a posh green bar with chandeliers and more casual Ikea styled bars...boring.

The two dance floors are a staircase apart. One played Latino and the other was RnB and Hip hop along with a few dance chart toppers.

It was a really good night. If you hire out a bar it’s free entry otherwise it's £10 on the door.